Sunday, 20 September 2009

Colca Valley 13.9.9

The Colca Valley is spectacular, with charming little villages and the whole valley filled with terraces for agriculture - since the pre-Inca people. Unfortunately tourists arrive in hordes, by the busloads and all along the route are women dressed in brightly coloured and elaborately embroidered traditional dresses and hats, selling knit wear and souvenirs. We stopped in all the same tourist places as the other buses, lunch in c hivay at a place where we had a buffet, then to Yanque for a short walk and finally to some termas, again very touristy but the water was exquisite. Dinner in another tourist trap , mediocre food, bad pisco sours (watered down?)

and local traditional dancing, which was fun to see. Up the next morning at 5am and we stopped in yanque where there was an artesania market in the plaza and children dancing. We then con tinued to the Colca Canyon to see condors. There is a particular lookout there were they circle on the air currents - they are enormous and were soaring oveerhead, about 5metres above us!

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